My sketching spell lasted about a week.

So I meant to make a lot of funny videos with my family over Christmas time, but I didn't. I had a decent idea or two, and my niece Kylie wanted to be interviewed, but alas... didn't. I got into a drawing kick. It's funny how things come and go with me. For instance, sometimes drawing comes relatively hard for me and I find it unenjoyable, and then out of nowhere I want to do nothing else and surprise myself with how well things come out. And then, bam, it leaves. I tried drawing some on the plane flight back from Virginia and found that I hated it.

Anyway, this is the sketch that got me back into drawing over Christmas. I've made some others, too, for a CD my friend's band is getting together. They're called Ivory Owl and I'm crazy about em. Check em out and be their friend at their myspace page.

I Made You a Christmas Present!

I've done some short films for my friend Tom who runs a company that makes videos for churches to use in their services. It's been a lot of fun. He just opened up a new site and now I can finally post some of the pieces on my blog. We've made a couple Christmas pieces. Here's on that's from a series of Offices homages... I wrote em, and they feature Jeremy Rowley of the Groundlings and Adam Campbell. And me and a blonde girl I don't quite remember.