Barak and Joe: The Movie

A couple years ago Joe Hartzler and I set out to make a movie. The plan was to make the first third on our own, and then surely, once the world saw our brilliance, money would come flooding in. Unfortunately the second part of our scheme didn't work out. And now, we're sick of leaving our film hidden and unseen. A lot of really wonderful people put a lot of their talents into this, and I am incredibly fond of it. This was a work of love, and I'm happy that it can live and hopefully make a couple people smile.

The feature we were planning was a road trip movie. We would visit all the big shots who claimed to know how to achieve happiness and find out they, like so many of the people out their saying they have the answers, were total liars.  Joe would meet up with his ex, Barak would fall in love with a pop-star, the two would fight and make up, and eventually find themselves on the stage of HappyCon. And dog-gone-it, they would discover the key to happiness (which shall remain a secret until we eventually get funding to make this.)

We shot this in LA and Ohio, stole a lot of fun locations, involved our parents (my dad plays the mobile home business owner, and Joe's dad owns that actual business,) and did not pay a single friend for a thing.  God, I wish we could afford to make the rest of this and pay people what they're worth.


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