President #34

In 1989, George H. W. Bush declared hella war on Panama, who had it coming. Don't you dare say they didn't. We totally paid for the canal, and Carter signed some documents saying we were the bosses, so when our boy Noriega turned a-hole and against us, we totally put our boot up his dictator butt. You can falsify the election results all you want, and be all phoney-baloney DEA informant to your heart's content, but when you like totally blow us off, it is PAY DAY, BOYEEEEE. Then you kill a US GI with some half-A "Hard Chargers" unit, and think we won't get mad? Not only did you ice our boy, but then you steal old Teddy 'velt's moniker? Hellz no, you headed OUT.

So old George HW sent our boys in and SETTLED BIDNESS. Blam blam, as they say. They called it "Operation Just Cause", as in Just Cause We Wanted To. Basically we went in GUNS BLAZIN and took out all them Japs, or whatever they're called. PAN's, I guess. You want to read about it? Check out a little film called Heartbreak Ridge. It's a documentary starring one Mr. Clint Eastwood. EVER HEARD OF IT? BOOYAH!!! The Good, the Dead and the Deader. OOORAH!

HDubs knew what he was doin. He got shot down by the enemy in some old war and still went on to be the CIA BOSS. That's even doper than the Prezident. Even the DEAD PREZIDENTSSS. Ha you know I'm just playin.

You want to be all talking junk about HW, about Dan Quayle and how George was a 1 term PREZ and how his boy is W, cuz all I'm gonna say is Imelda MARCOS. That b-word had TOO MANY SHOES. And don't be all tellin me how she and Noriega were never married, and in fact she was married to a dictator from another hemisphere. I don't need to hear that.

All I need to know is the son-a-GUN Marcos is currently held in the Federal Correctional Institution in MIAMI, along with my boys the DeCavalcante crime family.

HEARTBREAK RIDGE. That's where Mario Van Peebles gets shot. That's a SHAME. But we honor the sacrifice. WORD. Thankyou President George Bush NUMBA ONE!!

President George H W Bush by Barak Hardley

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