President #33

I just have absolutely no desire to write about or read about President Warren G. Harding. I do not want to find out what the Teapot Dome Scandal is, I do not care to revisit my scant 8th grade knowledge about the League of Nations. I don't want to know what advice he sought from an uppity Herbert Hoover. Wikipedia, thank you for offering to tell me a thing or two about his early life, but no. I do not care today. In fact, I never have. And I have twenty American dollars to say I never will.

Please accept my apologies if I've become something of a doorway for you to Presidential history. I have let you down. But the man and the era were boring and I just ain't up to it today. My problems are as widespread and unmeaningful as his, which means in just a little bit of time they will be forgotten, despite the immediacy they both have carried.

The G stood for Gamaliel.



Our Little Romance