President #30

President Gerald Ford used to play center for University of Michigan. He rocked it. They went undefeated a couple seasons. As President, he used to have them play the school's theme song instead of Hail to the Chief. He was voted a collegiate all star, too. Oh and in a golf tourney he hit a hole in one. What I would like you to take away from this is that he was an accomplished athlete. Then he fell down a couple times, I guess.

So Chevy Chase made fun of him as a bumbling fool and we all kind of remember him as a bumbling fool. Then Chevy went on to make some very funny movies, so that, like, made Chevy's side of the argument that much more compelling.

I bet Ford was piiiiissed.

But then Chevy went on to make many, many horrible movies. And then he tried being a late night talk show host and was even worse than Jimmy Fallon and Magic Johnson. And I feel the most awesome part of it was that, while impersonating Ford's bumblingness, Chevy really hurt his back a lot. So he took pain pills and became addicted to them. Ford fell down but then got up, addiction-free, and signed the Helsinki Accords with Breshnev.

I'm not sure what the point of this is, other than Gerald Ford was President, and Chevy Chase is now trying a comeback as an ensemble performer in a very funny sitcom fronted by the Talk Soup guy.

Also, hi to Jen at ISI! Make sure people treat my dad with some respect, please.

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