Teleflora Commercial

On a sad note, I did not receive any coupons for free flowers to send to my mom for Mother's Day from Teleflora. Which means I'm probably only going to be able to afford to buy her the same kind of flowers we're making fun of. I'll be happy to completely re-write that paragraph if someone from Teleflora stumbles onto this site and takes the bait.

EDIT: I suddenly feel a strong desire to chastise and correct myself for even considering using a rival flower delivery company. Why would I think that? Teleflora delivers beautiful flowers in lovely vases at incredible rates! What a fool I was to speak so flippantly, so rashly. I'll tell you this, dear reader, I have a lot of growing up to do. And a lot of convenient online floral shopping to do, too. (And let me just assure you that my sudden change of heart has nothing to do with any of the comments.)

San Francisco

Carina Round video is officially released