President #23

President Woodrow Wilson pushed the legislation to outlaw child labor. I personally wouldn't have been so hasty about it; their little hands can get to those hard to reach gears in our nation's important giant machines. But the people of the 1910's thought it was rad. Their loss, I guess. He also kept America out of the war in Europe, which, between the two, led him to win reelection. "He kept us out of the war!" they used to say. Then he took it back and went to war and everyone probably stood around thinking of something else to collectively say. It probably took them a good month or two to come up with "Over There."

So then America beat up the Germans or whatever, which I'm not sure how I feel about, cause all my great-grandparents were kicking it over there, probably all crazy for the Kaiser. Good thing they got out of there before Hitler showed up and America belatedly and begrudgingly headed over to rough up the general area a second time. 18"x10" mixed media

A Nice Call From Mom

Head Case clip