It's Heartwarming To Be Amazed That an Ugly Person Can Do Something!

Oh wow, holy cow. How inspirational. I'm being cynical about this, but honestly I got goosebumps watching it. Good for her. Honestly. Great.

But the heart of it is that she looked ugly and no one expected anything from her. This isn't a feel-good video clip (the youtube one has 12,000,000 hits.) It's a declaration of our shallowness, of our utter brutality. An indictment of our awfulness. This is what's wrong.

And I'm completely guilty of it. I give the attractive ones first choice, my best effort. It's not like this is a new revelation. 30 Rock had a really great episode about how handsome people get to live in a special bubble. We feel good about laughing at that. But then again, we wouldn't have watched Tina Fey 15 years ago when she was pretty chunky and butch. (Which really was the case.) She had to lose a bunch of weight and let herself be handled by an army of qualified and talented stylists and makeup artists before we thought she was so funny. Well, funny enough for TV. She had to get super hot in order to play accessible ugly.

Every screenplay I start I label the female lead as "attractive." So, I'm lame, too. I must have learned it from the Bible, where David was introduced as "super hot with tight abs," and God was like, "Oh yeah. Totes." Or something like that.

I've always thought the caste system in India was so perverse, having a whole group of people be considered Untouchable for no real reason. It struck me that we have that now in California with Mexicans being a third-tier member of our society, but now I see they are joined by the unattractive.

Man, watch that beginning again, at a whole audience scoffing at this woman for having the absolute nerve to stride on stage with thick eyebrows and thicker legs. What did they expect her to do? Take a dump and smear it on herself? If a cute little blonde girl came out and said the same things and danced that awkward hip-thrusting dance OH BOY would everyone be excited. We're so preconditioned to desire such odd physical charateristics. Such hot hot odd characteristics.

But whatever. Good for that lady. Too bad she can't ride the wave of unexpectedly defying everyone's messed up preconceptions forever. Soon she'll be just that ugly lady who can sing pretty well.  Maybe we'll get her a part on some Broadway show playing the old witch or Lady Quasimodo.

Man, time for me to get on my knees and thank God for Seth Rogen and John C. Reilly. At least ugly dudes can be the romantic lead. Trailblazers! But the lead girl? Yeah, make her hot.

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