President #21

George Washington never cut down his father's cherry tree. But if he had? I would go cut down every cherry tree I could find, just out of some damn respect. And you better, too. I'm not sure what that meant. My head is spinning. I've been playing this stupid video game that is draining the life out of me and keeping me from important things, like drawing dead men. So, just, you know.... here: Some of the details are small. Click on it and maybe that will help.

*Edit- after some emails, here's some of what's in there- GW Bridge, GWU diploma, Wizard's basketball, National's tickets, Washington apples, Washington Monument, stickers with the towns named after him, quarters, dollars, Washington Post, Redskins. I think.

It's Heartwarming To Be Amazed That an Ugly Person Can Do Something!

Mind if I ruin your day?