President #15

So my thought was that Andrew Jackson was already pretty zany and cartoonish, so I thought I'd take a serious slant on him. We're talking about a guy who, as president, had an assassin come up with two guns and pull the triggers point blank. Of course, as per the whackiness of A.J., they both misfired. The presidents reaction, who was crippled enough to walk with a cane? Why, to start beating the hell of the guy with his cane. Oh, and he fought and, I'm just guessing here, WON 13 duels. The only time he actually killed in a duel? He let the other guy shoot first. And the other guy hit him. In his Jackson's chest. Riiiiight next to the heart. And then Jackson calmly fired as the other man loaded his gun. Seriously, dude was a cartoon. A violent, violent, Injun killing cartoon.

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