Semi-Rejected Album Art

For many years I was a huge fan of Christian ska music. I'm not going to defend myself about that, especially not to a punk like you. Suffice to say I spent most of the 90's shaving the sides of my head and listening to Five Iron Frenzy. So as I got to be kinda friends with them I was geeked out when there was talk about me doing the cover artwork for their non-ska side project, Brave Saint Saturn. The singer, Reese, told me the concept and gave me a little script to work with, and after a couple weeks I presented them five panels, with the first planning on being the cover. I was psyched, cause these guys were awesome, way cooler than the Supertones, the W's, or the Insyderz (GO AHEAD DOUBT MY CHRISTIAN SKA CRED SUCKA!!!) They said some super nice things about my work and then disappeared to finish the album.

I was really proud of what I had drawn, and still think its the best stuff I've done, which is also a nice way of admitting I've plateaued for a decade, but whatever. About six months of silence and eager waiting later the album came out, so I rushed to my local Christian bookseller to buy twenty, only to find that Reese had drawn his own cover of a sexy robot astronaut Borg lady. (I wouldn't worry about her not having any arms... I'm sure those giant metal boobs have lasers or something. She'll be fine.)

What was my point? Oh yeah, I was crushed. Inside, beside the panels I made, Reese mixed in more of his drawings of the band, right next to my OTHER DRAWINGS OF THE BAND HE ASKED ME TO MAKE. I guess one of the hallmarks of Christian ska is artwork redundancy. I guess it was still cool they put my stuff in the cd, but it really bugged me for a while.

So, that tragic intro aside, I bought a copy off Amazon this week, scanned in the panels and removed all non-me artwork. Hope you like it more than apparently the band did.

And now it's on the internet and Reese can't ever hurt me again.

Oh yeah, I'm still a huge fan of the band, and they even let me actually draw a cover of another one of their side projects.... My improv team actually got to tour with FIF, which would have been even cooler if the tour did not start a week after 9/11. And spend most of its time in New York and D.C.. Nothing like a national tragedy to put people in the mood for ska and comedy!! Ugh.

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