Unfinished Astronaut Script

INT. WHITE SPACEAn astronaut walks into an empty white space. He is confused.

ASTRONAUT Hello? Uh... Hello?

No one answers.

ASTRONAUT (CONT’D) Well, this doesn't seem right.

He toggles a switch on his suit.

ASTRONAUT (CONT’D) Echo three, are you there? No? Still, no, huh? Well. This isn't good.

A woman enters. She is dressed in a 60's modern sort of way.

ASTRONAUT (CONT’D) Whoa. Hi. Um, hi. Shouldn't you be in a space suit or something?

WOMAN You're one of those astronates, aren't you?

ASTRONAUT Astronauts. Yeah.

WOMAN Astronauts, right. Heard about you guys. Lost, huh?



They both process this a bit.

ASTRONAUT Am I still in space?

WOMAN In which space?

ASTRONAUT There's more then one sense to that word?

WOMAN I'll just say yes.

ASTRONAUT That's not very good.

And then something crazy happens....

Deleted Scene

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