This is my mother playing Laser Tag

This isn't her posing. This is me running up to her (as she's mid crouch, picking off kids) and me yelling "MOM!" I wish you could know her just so you could really feel the significance and magical qualities of this photograph. This is a very sweet, church-going, Mary Kay-selling, Cracker Barrel-loving grandmother of three. Tearing it UP. A few notes: Although she is covered with laser sensors, most of what you see shining is part of her festive Christmas attire, as well as the large star-shaped earrings (legendary in my family.) The haze effect is either from the fogmachine pumping into the course, or from the fury unleashed within her warrior heart.

[caption id="attachment_131" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="She's got a deadly aim. A deadly glamorous aim."]She's got a deadly aim. A deadly glamorous aim.[/caption]

And in the second game, I'm pretty sure she beat me. MAGICAL!!!!

And by "everything" I meant "everyone"

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