President #41

Hey kids! It's time for Harry S. Truman FUNFACTS! Did you know... Harry ran a habberdashery? His middle inital "S" doesn't stand for anything? Harry had the highest and lowest approval ratings of any president until the 1990's? Harry killed his father and married his mother? Harry's unit fired some of the last shots of World War I? Harry is the only person to ever order a nuclear weapon to be used? The Great Depression caused his habberdashery to go bankrupt? Harry still watches you through your windows when you sleep/dream? Harry was a 33˚ Mason? Harry's super-Southern mother refused to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom? He popularized the phrase "The buck stops here"? The movie "Ghostbusters" was based off of Truman's real-life paranormal adventures?

Thank you Wikipedia!!

President Harry S. Truman by barak Hardley

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