President #38

One of the remarkable things about our American society is our willingness to put aside whatever facts there are about a person for a more prurient and expedient fact. Or vice versa. We want to worship our heroes and will defend them against all naysayers, until the moment we are bored. Then we just need a hint of a rumor to get us to the garage so we can grab our pitchforks and torches. President Richard Nixon ended the draft, got America out of Vietnam, established a treaty with the Soviet Union to reduce nuclear weapons, brought Israel back from the brink of war with Egypt and Syria, an almost single handedly opened up China to the rest of the civilized world. Domestically, he instituted one of the most dramatic environmental programs and tough new anti-crime laws.

But all we have time to remember him for is Watergate.

And what is even more shocking for me, more than all of this, is that we somehow elected a man whose nose looks like a penis. Remarkable.

President Richard Nixon by Barak Hardley
President Richard Nixon by Barak Hardley

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