President #37

After John Adams first met his future wife Abigail, he sent her a letter detailing her "Faults, Imperfections, Defects, or whatever you please to call them." It ranged from criticisms on the way she played cards to the way she walked on her "Leggs," from how she hung her head like a Bullfish to his thoughts that she was too prudish and a terrible singer. She loved it. Player, player. John Adams was a fiery and brilliant man, who was recently portrayed by the equally brilliant actor Paul Giamatti in the HBO miniseries. Which brings me to this small request- If I ever lead the kind of life where in later years someone wishes to make a miniseries about me, please please please don't let Paul Giamatti portray me. Seriously. Please. Dude is not attractive. At least make it Steve Buscemi or something. Paul Giamatti... yikes.

Mixtape for February

I tell Shaun White he is wasting his life.