The Downward Spiral

I made one of these a while back, when I found a bunch of old pictures. I decided to make part two, and bring us up to the present day. I wish I had more photos, though. I can't find any from my short-bleached-hair period (which predated Eminem, thankyou.) I'm pretty sure, too, at some point I was a large black man. Some big moments from my adult life, apparently: 1) Finally trimming that mullet. 2) Realizing I could grow hair on my chin. 3) Deciding contacts were not worth the effort. 4) Realizing I could grow hair on the sides of my face. 5) Realizing that it was MUSTACHE TIME!

Something most have happened to me around age 9, when I got that killer Miami Vice outfit. I entered this really awkward stage that lasted for some time. I'm actually pretty excited that it might be ending any day now.

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A playlist for the Fall.

I have maybe 1 drink and then read the news.