Whoa I made a bed!

On Wednesday I bought a bunch of new wood and shiny metal, and by Saturday I had a new bed and headboard. I snuck in some lighting and built in a dimmer, phone charger and some shelves. 


Gas Pipe Shelves

Inspired by the box I made, I went ahead and made an entertainment center for my living room. I used black gas pipe and I had to go to Home Depot about 45 times in a week because it was COULD NOT figure out the right pipe pieces to get. My design kept having to change because I wanted to hide all the wires from the cable box, stereo, speakers, tv, PS4 and lamps. But, now you can't see any!

BONUS: My growing light-up globe collection.

Curio Box

I made a box! It holds my travelling souvenirs! It hasn't fallen apart!

Craft Services: Pringles

I have this awesome series with Comedy Central called Craft Services with Barak Hardley. I make crafts with different products. So much fun to make!

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Iceland (and a couple Sweden) pics!

At the end of July I drove around Iceland and took a million pictures. What an endlessly amazing place. I rented a van and camped each night. 

Click on the panoramic pics to see the whole panorama or whatever.

New Paper Doll Prints!

Introducing Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver in a bunch of costumes they do not belong in. I'm making these available as prints which you can order here. They're 13" x 19" and look DOPE.

I didn't realize how much detail went into some of these costumes. Or how many candy-tipped bras Katie Perry owns. I had to do a lot of research in this project and what I came away with is this: The Macho Man is by far the coolest guy I have ever seen in my life.

Making a Monster

I was inspired a while back to make a monster puppet that I can hang on my wall like a mounted trophy. Well, I did it. This is what a grown man does for kicks I guess.