Branded Content Baybeeeee

So I pitched Comedy Central some branded series, and they were foolish enough to actually make them. Here's a couple in a series called Craft Services. (Also, these all have recently won different advertising awards, and I'm flattered/confused by that.)

And here's one from a series called Chill As, with comedy friends thrown into high stakes situations. This one was plugging Watchdogs 2...

Drawing Requests

Some drawing requests from the last few months. I try to draw them within a couple minutes of getting them. I'll leave these here without most of the actual requests so that they're nice and confusing.

West Wing Walks

The night of the election, I was pretty bummed by the results. So I did what any responsible citizen would do, I hid in the world of fantasy. I decided to watch West Wing. A LOT of West Wing. And then I started tracking the crazy walk and talks the show was known for.

This took more work than I expected. Namely, I had to figure out the set. There's a map on the internet, but it's REALLY wrong. So I had to make up my own map, rewatching scenes endlessly to figure out the geography. Eventually, I got to my current map, which I'm sure will change over the seasons. Anyways, here's some of the paths from the first dozen episodes.

Couple More Wood Working Projects

Here's two projects, the first being a garbage can/microwave stand/bar for the kitchen. I finally got tired of my kitchen looking looking cheap and shabby, so I built something expensive and shabby. I gave it some fancy sliding drawers, which turned out to be a mistake. The glasses drawer doesn't need it, and if I had it to do again, I would have given the garbage cans a "tilt" feature instead of a drawer. The cans don't fit the holes I gave them perfectly, so they sink in and make it difficult to open the drawer. But, it beats what it was, and I LOVE my little bar.

The second project is a gas fire pit table for my balcony. This was actually a really straightforward, though I managed to make one million mistakes along the way.