UCB Franklin

I studied and performed at a theater called Upright Citizen's Brigade for many years. Their location on Franklin is the kind of place where you can find world class talent rehearsing backstage next to overflowing dumpsters. I have a lot of fun memories in there... you know, besides the garbage. So, like a perfectly normal person, I made it one foot tall.

Miniature Manhole Covers

I've been pretty obsessed lately with the things we walk on. Sidewalks, asphalt, road repair, grates and manhole covers. We look at them all day long and never notice them once. I've been wanting to recreate them in miniature, draw the eye to them. While in Tokyo, I found they take pride in their manhole covers. There are hundreds of designs, making an amazing city even more beautiful. So, I started a series replicating some from places I love...

Chris Farley Stained Glass

Well, tried something new. I didn't want to master the art of cutting glass and soldering pieces together. For sure I would be in the hospital. But I tried it with wood and acrylic. The painting process is much trickier than I expected... you can't really short-cut it (which is my usually my JAM.) So, in the end it looks bad against a window but pretty alright against a wall. Long live Matt Foley.

Tiny Museum

I made a little museum. Made it so you can pop out some of the paintings and stick my friends in them! It was cool getting to figure out what little details I could add to make the illusion work. The little exit signs were fun to make. Thinking about making more walls to the museum could expand...